Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wedding photography research - Boudoir Wedding photography

Boudoir photography is a romantic and sensual photographic session usually done by the fiancee or bride to be given to the groom as a gift. As this gift is usually personal and private it was difficult to get images, also I found that this kind of photography was mainly done by women, hence my examples are mainly done by women. Even though I didn't find evidence of its existence I suspect that a boudoir male version, to be given to the bride as a gift, may exist.

Dorset Wedding Photography - Wessex Weddings


Evrim Ic

Jessica Claire

Lisa Mark


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Food photography

Wedding photography research

Vavaboom photography


Miguel Angel Ortega


Yvonne Venegas

Mexican photographer who has been doing documentaries about the upper classes in Tijuana, Mexico covering many wedding shows. I thought it was an interesting way to approach wedding photography: with a purely documentary non-commercial approach.

Yvonne Venegas approaches photography as a method of social critique and self-exploration. Her ongoing project, The Most Beautiful Brides of Baja California, began three years ago in response to her father's work as one of Tijuana's society wedding photographers. He portrays the city's wealthy families in a "picture-perfect" world. She shoots the same weddings, showers, and birthday parties from the perspective of a documentary photographer-focusing on moments of equivocation when her subjects hesitate between revealing an authentic gesture and adopting a socially acceptable pose.